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A Wonderful Sunday Afternoon

March 08, 2017  •  1 Comment

I'm not sure how I get so lucky.  The families that welcome me into their homes are just so darn nice!  By the time I walk out their door, I honestly feel like I've made a few new friends.  Such was the case with Jyotsana and Adam who recently invited me to document one of their typical Sunday afternoons.  It was wonderful.  Adding to the Cuteness Quotient in their home is their 14-month-old son Connor, and their sweet dog Lulu.  This session is a perfect example of how a family's "ordinary" moments come to life and unfold in the most beautiful way.  Without further ado, I will let their photos tell their story of A Wonderful Sunday Afternoon.

LuLu showing off her listening skills, 

. . . which paid off big time in getting to help with Sunday brunch clean up.

And what's a Wonderful Sunday Afternoon without a little game of billiards?

Followed by a trip upstairs for a diaper and wardrobe change. First, a quick little cleanup.

Connor's nursery was also the perfect place for some play time with mommy.

Connor modeled his special Nepali hat.

Then it was time for hide and seek.

Connor and Lulu had some more fun together.

Thank you again, Jyotsana, Adam, Connor and Lulu for a Wonderful Sunday Afternoon.  To see more images from this documentary family photography session, please visit the Shaler Township Family gallery on my website, www.katebuckleyphotography.com


Real Families, Real Life

October 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

One of the great things about being a documentary family photographer is the feeling that I have when I realize that a family trusts me to be a part of their daily life.  I consider it a real honor to spend time with a family and capture those moments that only happen when it's "just family" around.  Because as we all know, there are all sorts of moments that can occur on an ordinary day. 

The sweet moments with daddy,

Dads and DaughtersDads and DaughtersWorking at home has its perks as Eva helps her dad send an email. the quiet times to do your own thing, 

Budding ArtistBudding ArtistEva creates works of art in the family office. A Secret KissA Secret KissLucy looks on as Barbie and her prince kiss after their wedding ceremony.  the sad times when only a hug from mommy will do,

Comfort in Mommy's ArmsComfort in Mommy's ArmsBefore nap time everything seems like an opportunity for a melt down. the silly times,

Bunny EarsBunny EarsEva playfully interrupts her dad's work day at the family dining room table. Silly GirlSilly GirlI love this playful image of Eva during a silly moment. the "BUT I WAS PLAYING WITH THAT!" moments,

SistersSistersLittle sister Lena sounds off at her older sister Eva who doesn't seem bothered by a thing. and even the "OK, everyone is tired now" moments.  

Real Family LifeReal Family LifeThe end of the photo shoot and the girls are beginning to show some wear.

But let's face it, these are the moments that make up all of our lives, and I truly believe that these are the moments that we all want to capture and remember.  

So thank you, Jamie, Gabe, Lucy, Eva, and Lena.  Thank you for trusting me to come into your lives and to be there to capture these special moments, so that you have them forever.

Family PortraitFamily PortraitOur busy and fun morning together wrapped up with this great family portrait. To see more images from this great session, visit Cranberry Area Family under Galleries on my website. 

Doubling the Fun with Twins

September 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I have always been fascinated by twins.  Growing up I knew several sets of twins.  There were Jean and Joan in grade school.  The Foley brother twins.  Heck, the Monroe family in our neighborhood had two sets of twins.  While I don't remember ever wanting to be a twin, I thought that twins were the coolest thing.  An instant best friend, I figured.  Someone to switch identity with and fool your teachers.  A constant source of a second wardrobe.

Fast forward several years and I was super excited when friends of mine began to become parents. . .of twins!  So imagine my excitement when I had a chance to spend a Saturday morning with my friends Dana and Christian, and their adorable twin girls, Paige and Emerson!  

One of the most fascinating things about these two cuties is that after spending five minutes or less with them, I quickly forgot that they were twins.  Paige and Emerson are their own unique little beings.  They each have their own adorable look and their own endearing personality.  They just happen to be born on the same day.

Sweet SistersSweet SistersThis portrait captures the personalities of these twin sisters perfectly. I love it when I can hang out with a family and feel like I'm a part of their life, if only for a day, and yet be an observer (and recorder) of their family routines and special moments.  Saturday morning breakfasts that begin with the clinking of cups of coffee and little plastic mugs. .  .

Saturday Morning Family BreakfastSaturday Morning Family BreakfastSaturday morning breakfast begins with a toast. . . .and end with helping daddy make a protein shake so he has the energy he needs all day long.

Time to Make the SmoothiesTime to Make the SmoothiesTwins Emma and Paige bring on the protein powder for the smoothies. Making Smoothies with DadMaking Smoothies with DadTwins Emma and Paige help their dad make fruit smoothies. Licking the SpoonLicking the SpoonDad offers Emma a taste of yogurt as they make breakfast smoothies together.

After breakfast there wasn't a lot of structure to our time together, and I loved it!  I was along for the ride.  Paige and Emerson were up for just about anything, from playing dress-up, to expressing themselves as little artists, to even belting out a few karaoke tunes!

Dress Up MagicDress Up MagicTwins Paige and Emma are ready to make some magic happen as they play dress up. Little ArtistsLittle ArtistsTwins Paige and Emma happily paint and draw on a Saturday morning while clutching their favorite stuffed animals. Karaoke TimeKaraoke TimeTwins Paige and Emma perform their sing along routine.

But eventually, even this dynamic duo needed a little down time.

Daniel TigerDaniel TigerTwins Emma and Paige share a quiet moment as they watch their favorite TV show, Daniel Tiger. Quiet TimeQuiet TimePaige and her mom share a quiet moment relaxing on the couch watching TV together. We sure had fun.  Thank you, Dana, Christian, Paige and Emerson, for inviting me into your home and lives.  By the way, if you happen to run into these two, be sure to wish them a happy 4th birthday.  I heard that it's coming up very soon!

The FamilyThe FamilyI love to take an informal portrait of all of my families. This one captures them perfectly. To see more of our time together, please visit my web site, www.katebuckleyphotography.com, and go to Galleries, Pine Township Family.

A Fun, Action-Packed Photo Session

August 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Join me on a virtual journey to the world of Isabella and Benjamin (aka Benny, aka Mr. Action,) and their mom and dad too, of course.  A session like this reminds me why I love hanging out with little people.  Pure fun.  Pure Joy.  With a healthy dose of silliness.  

Before the shoot I asked their mom Andrea what the kids like to do together.  She told me that Isabella and Benny love to bake.  And bake they did!  There were Rice Krispies, frosting and sprinkles.  There were sticky fingers.  There were lots of smiles and giggles.  

Baking FunBaking FunMom watches as Isabella pours the cereal for the Rice Krispie Treats. Helping in the KitchenHelping in the KitchenIsabella and her mom bake on a Saturday morning. Little Boy BakerLittle Boy BakerAdding the frostng to freshly baked cookies.

Baking and MessesBaking and MessesBaking cookies and making messes go happily together.

Decorating CookiesDecorating CookiesIsabella adds the finishing touches to her sugar cookies during a Saturday morning of baking with her mom. I was so impressed that Isabella and Benny insisted on cleaning up! Cleaning UpCleaning UpBen shows how helpful he can be as he sweeps the table after baking cookies with his sister and mom. After the baking fun was done, it was time for more playing and more silliness.  Andrea told me that Benny is like having four kids!  

Running on FumesRunning on FumesPast Ben's nap time and all wound up. Feeling SillyFeeling SillyBen and Isabella hide in the covers and giggle, just because. Diving for That ToyDiving for That ToySometimes funny things happen when a boy wants his favorite toy. Well, you get the picture.

Thank goodness he has his big sister Isabella to keep him in line!

SiblingsSiblingsA brother and sister play a game of hide and seek. Thank you, Andrea, Tim, Isabella and Benjamin for a great day.  I had as much fun as all of you.

Family PortraitFamily PortraitA lovely portrait of a sweet family. You can see more images of my time with this beautiful family on my website, www.katebuckleyphotography.com in Galleries, McCandless Area Family.

A Very Special Family

July 30, 2016  •  2 Comments

This may not be the last time that you hear me say, "I photographed a really special family recently," but without a doubt, nothing could be more true of this family.  To give you a little bit of background, I was honored to photograph Christina and Tassy's wedding.  Christina's mom and I are old friends from high school and life is funny that way. . .One minute you're sharing carefree, silly and drama-filled high school days with someone, and the next day you're photographing their daughter's wedding.

All couples have their own special story, how they met and why they were meant to be together, however Christina and Tassy's story is truly extraordinary.  Both of them are compassionate, determined, (and I'll add silly and sweet) people with a passion for helping others.  Both of them beat the odds and overcame medical conditions that threatened their lives at a young age.  And while those challenges may have deterred some people, they somehow seemed to fuel Christina and Tassy's desire to do more.  In fact they met through mission work in response to the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake.  You can read more about Christina's good work in Haiti here.  Learn more about the amazing nonprofit organization, Team Tassy which is changing hundreds of lives every day for the people of Haiti.

Now fast forward a little bit and enter ridiculously adorable baby. . . meet their son, Elijah.

Baby Bath FunBaby Bath FunElijah peeks out over the edge of the tub during bath time. I mean, come on now. . .those eyes, that nose, that smile. . .

Baby JoyBaby JoyThese joyful moments. . .may they last a lifetime. Joy personified. . .from all of them, through all of them, spreading it out into the world.  The love shown by Christina and Tassy as parents, well, it almost took my breath away.


A Father and His SonA Father and His SonA new father and his beautiful son.

I had so much fun hanging out with them during our session.  Here are a few more favorites.  You can see their gallery (Allison Park Family) on my web site.

Bath TimeBath TimeChristina gets her son Elijah ready for his bath. Getting CozyGetting CozyMom bundles her son in a warm cozy towel after his bath. Nap TimeNap TimeAt the end of our photo session, Elijah and his mom both drift off to sleep.