Blank photo frame for mockup in living room, 3D renderingBlank photo frame for mockup in living room, 3D rendering


The Process

•   The first step is to get to know one another.  Please click on the Contact link found at the top of the page to start a conversation.

•   A non-refundable creation fee is required at the time of booking and can be paid by credit card.

•   Prior to your photography session, I'll come to your home for a pre-session consultation.  This allows me to learn not only about your family and plan for your session, but also to see how you like to decorate, share artwork samples, and plan where you would like to display new wall art in your home.

•   During your photo session, my goal is to make it fun and stress-free!  For portrait sessions, I am often asked, "What should we wear?"  Here are a few guidelines

  • Don't wear matching outfits!  

  • Consider bright or neutral colors that support each other, including plain solid colors.

  • Avoid writing or characters on clothing, as this will date your images.

•   After your session,  I'll create your gallery of images -- the best of the best from our time together.  Then, I'll contact you to schedule your in-home Viewing and Ordering Appointment.

•   During your Viewing and Ordering Appointment, I'll work with you to select your favorite images and then help you select custom artwork to display those images.  A few weeks afterward, I'll return to deliver your artwork.


Session Details

For a traditional portrait session, we typically spend an hour together, although I'll stay with you and your family until I'm sure that I have everything that we planned for in your pre-session consultation. Documentary-style sessions are available for one hour, 90 minutes, or two hours.  All major credit cards are accepted.  

I can't wait to hear from you and get started! 


Because your real life is beautiful.