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Real Families, Real Life

October 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

One of the great things about being a documentary family photographer is the feeling that I have when I realize that a family trusts me to be a part of their daily life.  I consider it a real honor to spend time with a family and capture those moments that only happen when it's "just family" around.  Because as we all know, there are all sorts of moments that can occur on an ordinary day. 

The sweet moments with daddy,

Dads and DaughtersDads and DaughtersWorking at home has its perks as Eva helps her dad send an email. the quiet times to do your own thing, 

Budding ArtistBudding ArtistEva creates works of art in the family office. A Secret KissA Secret KissLucy looks on as Barbie and her prince kiss after their wedding ceremony.  the sad times when only a hug from mommy will do,

Comfort in Mommy's ArmsComfort in Mommy's ArmsBefore nap time everything seems like an opportunity for a melt down. the silly times,

Bunny EarsBunny EarsEva playfully interrupts her dad's work day at the family dining room table. Silly GirlSilly GirlI love this playful image of Eva during a silly moment. the "BUT I WAS PLAYING WITH THAT!" moments,

SistersSistersLittle sister Lena sounds off at her older sister Eva who doesn't seem bothered by a thing. and even the "OK, everyone is tired now" moments.  

Real Family LifeReal Family LifeThe end of the photo shoot and the girls are beginning to show some wear.

But let's face it, these are the moments that make up all of our lives, and I truly believe that these are the moments that we all want to capture and remember.  

So thank you, Jamie, Gabe, Lucy, Eva, and Lena.  Thank you for trusting me to come into your lives and to be there to capture these special moments, so that you have them forever.

Family PortraitFamily PortraitOur busy and fun morning together wrapped up with this great family portrait. To see more images from this great session, visit Cranberry Area Family under Galleries on my website. 


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