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For the Love of Mothers

May 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Mother's Day is less than two weeks away.  Admit it.  Mother's Day is a big deal.  I remember not so many years ago before everyone had a mobile phone and therefore depended on a landline, some people complained because their telephone call to their mom on Mother's Day wouldn't go through due to "high call volume."  I seem to recall that the call volume on Mother's Day was second only to Christmas day. 

Whether or not you are a mother, you have a mother.  And even if your mother is no longer here, it's still a very special day.  Perhaps you're now a grandmother.  (I hear that it's as great as being a mother but perhaps even better because you've kicked back all of the un-fun stuff like discipline, bedtime, and "eat-your-vegetables" to the parents, your adult children.)

Here I am with my mom, the best mom ever (and I truly hope that you would say the same of your mom,) in the fall of 1965.  She used to make matching outfits for us.  I have no earthly idea how she had time to do such things.  I am one of five kids.  My mom's generation was called The Greatest Generation with good reason.

Moms come in all shapes and sizes and are each blessed with the most extraordinary gifts.  I think most would agree that moms are patient beyond measure.

Moms are also there when you need them.

They are often the first to make you laugh in the morning.

And the last to kiss you goodnight.

Simply said, our moms love us unconditionally and make us happy.

This Mother's Day, give your mom (or grandmother, sister, aunt, or best friend) the gift of captured precious memories.  Memories that you will want to have forever.  So years from now, you will not only remember what your family looked like, but what those days felt like.  Visit www.katebuckleyphotography.com to book a documentary photography session.  

P.S. New this spring. . .Documentary-style (think unposed, unfiltered, fun!) photography sessions are now available to capture your special family occasions including baptisms, first communions, graduations, birthday parties, anniversaries, first day of school, last day of school,  getting ready for the prom and other "Gee, I-wish-we-had-Kate-photograph-that-for-us" celebrations.  And as always, your family is how you decide to define family.  For example, I also love to capture extended families including multiple generations or couples with their fur babies (aka their pets.)  Contact me for details.



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