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A Very Special Family

July 30, 2016  •  2 Comments

This may not be the last time that you hear me say, "I photographed a really special family recently," but without a doubt, nothing could be more true of this family.  To give you a little bit of background, I was honored to photograph Christina and Tassy's wedding.  Christina's mom and I are old friends from high school and life is funny that way. . .One minute you're sharing carefree, silly and drama-filled high school days with someone, and the next day you're photographing their daughter's wedding.

All couples have their own special story, how they met and why they were meant to be together, however Christina and Tassy's story is truly extraordinary.  Both of them are compassionate, determined, (and I'll add silly and sweet) people with a passion for helping others.  Both of them beat the odds and overcame medical conditions that threatened their lives at a young age.  And while those challenges may have deterred some people, they somehow seemed to fuel Christina and Tassy's desire to do more.  In fact they met through mission work in response to the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake.  You can read more about Christina's good work in Haiti here.  Learn more about the amazing nonprofit organization, Team Tassy which is changing hundreds of lives every day for the people of Haiti.

Now fast forward a little bit and enter ridiculously adorable baby. . . meet their son, Elijah.

Baby Bath FunBaby Bath FunElijah peeks out over the edge of the tub during bath time. I mean, come on now. . .those eyes, that nose, that smile. . .

Baby JoyBaby JoyThese joyful moments. . .may they last a lifetime. Joy personified. . .from all of them, through all of them, spreading it out into the world.  The love shown by Christina and Tassy as parents, well, it almost took my breath away.


A Father and His SonA Father and His SonA new father and his beautiful son.

I had so much fun hanging out with them during our session.  Here are a few more favorites.  You can see their gallery (Allison Park Family) on my web site.

Bath TimeBath TimeChristina gets her son Elijah ready for his bath. Getting CozyGetting CozyMom bundles her son in a warm cozy towel after his bath. Nap TimeNap TimeAt the end of our photo session, Elijah and his mom both drift off to sleep.


Kate- you are wonderful!! Thank you so much for everything you do, you truly could not do what you do any better. You're awesome! I'm so glad we met you :)
A beautiful story. And beautiful photographs!
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