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Love is All You Need

January 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

When I look at the images from a session, one word often comes to mind that summarizes the story that I want to tell.  Sometimes the word is 'fun!'  Sometimes the word is 'adventure.' Or sometimes 'crazy' or 'silly' fits the bill!  To describe my time with baby Sierra and her family, 'love' is all you need.

I believe that babies come into this world at a very specific time for a very specific reason.  Sometimes it seems like such a tall order for such a little being.  But whatever the timing and whatever the reason, it all has a way of working out.  

Sierra has come to spread love!  Look at her face!  How can she not?

I joined Sierra and her family on a Saturday afternoon a couple of weeks before Christmas.  The family was getting ready to celebrate not only Sierra's first Christmas but also her first birthday shortly after the holidays.  There was much celebrating to be done! 

What a joy to be able to capture Sierra's favorite routines with her family. 

Never was bath time so much fun!


Witnessing the love between Sierra and her mom was beautiful.

Of course, all of this love and joy was meant to be shared.  I quickly realized that Sierra has a special and unique bond with each member of her family.  Including special moments and playtime with Pap.


Reading and snuggling with Grandma.

And hanging out with Uncle Eric.


Yet in the end, love is all you need.


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